There are many great golfers who have achieved a lot in their entire career. Four of the greatest golfers ever existed were born before everyone who lives today. About a century earlier, some played.

Of course, today’s golfers are on every record of the greatest golfers ever. Names such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus warrant being listed among the world’s top players since they have captured the biggest titles during their professions. In this article, we have listed out ten greatest golfers we must know about.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer was the golf player who made golf more famous than all others in the mid of 20th century. Throughout the 1950s & 1960s, Palmer pursued golf courses that hit thousands and won “Arnie’s Army.” to this audience.

Arnold Palmer, in total, won seven major tournaments. The first one was the Master’s tournament that took place in the year 1958. Around 1958 & 1964, Palmer won 4 Masters, 2 British Opens, & the PGA title.

Palmer is universally honored to make the great British Open tournament an experience significant to American golfers and its immense success. Since Ben Hogan in the year 1953, in the year 1960, he became the first American who won the open. 

Byron Nelson

The years ranging between 1935 & 1946 were comparatively short for Byron Nelson’s PGA career. Nelson is well known to capture a record eleven straight starts in the year 1945. 

Nelson won five major tournaments in total over his 12-year career. Two times each, he earned the PGA and Masters & the great U.S. Open. In the Masters, until around the mid of 1960s, he persisted and returned to Home 15th in the year 1965. Though he started playing a full-time job in the year 1946, he earned his final professional title in the year 1951 in Pebble Beach.

Tom Watson

Tom Watson almost conquered the great Claret Jug for continuous nine years, five times winning the famous Open Championship.

In 1977 & 1981, Tom conquered the Masters, and in 1982 the U.S. Open. The only other major tournament he never accomplished, although he finished second in the year 1978, was the PGA Championship.

Tom Watson earned several six notable titles during the Champions Tour compared to his eight major titles. In the British Open for Senior, three of these titles came into the pool.

Sam Snead

The PGA tour mark for job names with 82 is currently held by Sam Snead. 7 main championships are contained in these total of 82 victories. The British Open of the year 1946 was won by Snead, who won 3 Masters and three PGA Championships.

Snead only won the U.S. Open, and since he did not finish this feat, he could not finish his Grand Slam career. 

Gary Player

He is in the fourth position according to the number of titles won. In the Open Championship of 1959, his first significant title took place. His last Masters arrived in 1978.

In total, the Player won one Masters and one British Open three times each. Twice he earned the PGA and the United States Open. His victory at the 1965 U.S. Opens has been the major title that made him the only other player to gain the great Grand Slam next to Ben Hogan and Gene Sarazen.

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones ranks fourth on our list. Jones never played golf for profit in an era when amateurism had been treated as something to uphold. During the 1920s, he participated in significant tournaments, and in 1930, he retired when he was 28 years old. Jones would raise revenue from the golf from training and supplies following his retirement.

Jones’ career saw open and collegiate competitions in the United States and Britain as the main tournaments. Out of 31 of the largest matches, he played and concurred in 13. He won both of the major in a single calendar year for 1930.

Walter Hagen

Today, many folks assume Walter Hagen as a golf club. However, of his day and Hagen was among the world’s leading players. He now ranks 3rd in history, having a record of 11 important championships.

Hagen’s career began in 1912, after which he managed to win until his last triumph in 1936. Some contend that, because of its wins in the U.S. Amateur, he should be second despite major. Hagen won the PGA Championship 5 times, British Open 4 times, and two times the American Open.

Ben Hogan

Second, that will ever win a Grand Slam; Ben is probably the finest golfer all of the time as well as the winner of 9 main championships total.

Ben won four American Open, two-times Masters, two times U.S. Open, and a U.K. Open in 1953, amongst his main titles. He retired in the year 1971 formally but was last appointed Colonial in 1959.

In 1950 Hogan came back on tour, and 1953 was his most excellent game. Hogan only participated in six tournaments during this season and concurred five. Three major wins were included in these five victories. 

Tiger Woods


The total number of significant winners over a lifetime currently ranks Tiger Woods in the second position. Woods won fifteen major titles and has only been called in this list by Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus claims Tiger’s going to crack the record and will surpass him.

Woods dominated all major competitions 3 times and, by the beginning of 2019, won 81 tournaments in PGA and 41 European PGA tournaments. Woods had won various significant victories in the national championship records, including a 12-stroke 1997 Masters and a 15-stroke 2000 U.S. Open.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is regarded as the best golfer this world has ever seen. He will remain until the milestone of 18 notable titles is surpassed. In total, from 1962 to 1986, Nicklaus won a total of 73 PGA championships.

Nicklaus held a record of winning six Master tourneys, five PGAs, four U.S. openings, and 3 British openings, amongst his big championships. His ultimate goal has been the Masters of the year 1986, which is known to be among the most exciting tournaments in history. 

So these are some of the greatest Golfers that you can ever witness. Learning about them gives the great motivation to do good in Golf. Always remember that these great players will consistently be recognized for their contribution to Golf.

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